Surface Pro 3 Core i7, Core i3 Models Now Shipping

If you need the ultimate in power in your tablet, at least on the hardware side of things, then good news. Microsoft have now started shipping the top of the line Surface Pro 3 models.

And some not so top of the line too, in the form of Core i3 powered tablets.

Up until now only units with the Intel Core i5 processors were being shipped to customers that preordered them, but more configurations can also be chosen now — slates with either an Intel Core i3 CPU or a Core i7 one, with either 4GB of RAM or 8GB of memory.

Here is the pricing rundown, by the way:

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 64 GB with Intel i3 – $799
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 128 GB with Intel i5 – $999
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 256 GB with Intel i5 – $1,299
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 256 GB with Intel i7 – $1,549
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3 512 GB with Intel i7 – $1,949

The Surface Pro 3 is, of course, the most powerful tablet from Microsoft, and the 12-inch screen size means that the company is positioning this as a laptop replacement.

Reviews have hovered between good to great, and although limited in storage capacity, the Core i3 variant with 64GB memory that retails for $799, pretty much makes it the best Windows powered tablet device you can buy at that price point.

One can hope the sales reflect this, now that newer models are available.

  • SMalone

    Man. For all of the great things I’ve heard and seen from the Surface Pro 3, I just don’t think it’s worth it for me. The first 2 options don’t have enough memory, and the last 3 are too expensive for my taste. Still think it’s a nice tablet if you can afford it.

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