There are breaking stories and there are heartbreaking ones! Which category this one falls into depends on whether you are a Surface Pro 2 owner, and when you purchased your amazing tablet.

Speaking of amazing tablets, it is being reported that Microsoft is ready to unleash a new at the Surface Mini launch event next week. There are voices that claim the company might also present an updated Surface Pro model.

Which, it turns out, is being called the Surface Pro 3. Oh my!

The Verge first reported this little teaser on Microsoft’s support page that claims a new patch released by Microsoft this month adds support to the Surface Pro 3 camera.

Sure, this could just be a typo, or indeed a hint that the third generation Surface Pro 3 is coming.

Hardware vendors usually release refreshes to their devices once a year, though newer models that make their way to the market months within release of the previous ones are not out of the ordinary. Take the gap between the launch of the iPad 3 and the iPad 4, for instance.

And although no technical specifications are available, previous rumors have hinted that this upgrade Surface Pro tablet might come with new, optimized Intel Haswell processors.

If we take this new report into account, it might also come with a new camera.

Microsoft is yet to release any official statement on the matter, so best to take these new developments with a grain of salt, until we hear straight from the source.

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  • Matthew Laws

    Tough break for those who got their pro 2 in 2014. I bet they wish they waited a little longer, although I don’t think anyone predicted this. We’ll see if it comes to fruition.

    • Ted Smith

      You’re so right, Matthew. Did anyone have any clue whatsoever that this was coming? It seems like it’s completely out of left field.

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