For Day 2 of the 30 Days with Surface Pro 3 series, I took the tablet out of the box and examined its physical look and feel.

The Surface Pro 3 is very different from its predecessors right out of the box It has a larger display along with a different aspect ratio, which makes the tablet a totally different shape. When I picked it up, I could tell immediately that it is both thinner, and lighter than the Surface Pro 2, and I was already impressed with how thin and light that tablet was–especially given that it houses a complete Windows PC.

I generally avoid comparing the Surface Pro line against tablets like the Apple iPad, because it doesn’t compete directly with those devices. In this case, though, it seems apropos. The Surface Pro 3 is only about 22 percent thicker than an iPad Air. It weighs as much as 1.7 iPad Airs, but it also has more than 40 percent more surface area, so the increased weight is to be expected.

What is more relevant than how a Surface Pro 3 compares to an iPad Air, is how a Surface Pro 3 compares to a MacBook Air, or a Lenovo Yoga, or a Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook Convertible. The Surface Pro 3 has the processing power of a traditional Windows desktop or laptop, in a tablet form factor that actually compares favorably against an iPad Air. That is an engineering marvel in and of itself.

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  1. I’m confused, wasn’t day one on August 22nd? Day 2 is the 27th. Is it that you haven’t used Your shiny new surface Pro 3 five days? If that is it, I don’t think your very enthusiastic for this machine.

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