The November 2014 issue of the UK based PC Pro magazine is a pleasing sight. It features Microsoft’s latest hardware creation, the Surface Pro 3, on the cover.

Microsoft’s Surface tablets have graced the covers of only a few other computer publications since launch, including the July 2014 issue of PC World. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 on the other hand have made it on covers a lot more times than the slates that they power.

Inside is a 4-page review of the Surface Pro 3, and the timing is impeccable — Microsoft’s newest just went global recently, and arrived on the shores of 28 countries, including the United Kingdom.

Here is a little gallery, including the abovementioned issue of PC Pro:

Now while, the Surface Pro 3 cannot boast of the same coverage (pun intended) as say the Apple iPad or other such hardware from the Cupertino based technology giant, every little bit helps. Factually speaking, Android powered devices get an equal amount of exposure to Apple in the media.

Being featured on magazines like this will only help Microsoft’s tablet lineup with more mainstream exposure. And boy, can the Surface lineup use some of this.

The road is still long, but Microsoft is getting there.

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  • Black Eagle

    This is good news. The Surface pro is a good device.

  • Ray C

    It’s about time. It should in more magazines somewhere at least, whether tech mags or not. So much Apple and Google stuff is hyped every where you go. Give some equal attention

    • Fahad Ali

      Was refreshing to see it on the cover, that’s for sure. More, please.