Will they, or won’t they. Will they, or won’t they. Reports that had made their way to the web last week suggested that Microsoft was working on an updated Surface Pro model.

The company was rumored to be preparing to unveil newer models, Surface Pro 3 to be exact, at the Surface Mini press event set for tomorrow, May 20. And although Microsoft filed it as a typo, it now appears that we might be getting a bunch of new hardware, after all.

This new report reveals all the glorious details of this rumored slate, including the hefty price tag.

The leaked information claims that there will be five new models of the Surface Pro 3 — a few of them fairly expensive. Here are the price tags:

  • Core i3-4GB RAM-64GB ($799)
  • Core i5-4GB RAM-128GB ($999)
  • Core i5-8GB RAM-256GB ($1299)
  • Core i7-8GB RAM-256GB ($1549)
  • Core i7-8GB RAM-512GB ($1949)

No details at all on the remaining hardware specifications, including the screen size, however, there has been talk that Microsoft is working on a tablet with a 12-inch display. A move like this would surely help the company better compete with notebooks.

Additionally, it appears that Redmond has also refreshed the design of the tablet itself, and it will now come with a smaller bezel with a revised position of the Windows home button.

Plus, some new covers are also to be unveiled, in multiple colors like cyan, purple, red and black.

Pretty hefty dose of rumors, whichever way you look at it. All will be confirmed tomorrow at the press event in New York. Sales, it is being said, begin in June though these new Surface Pro 3 tablets will probably only be available in the United States, in limited quantities, at first.

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  1. Interesting. So was that “typo story” just a cover up? It seems like it.

    • Either it was a cover up, or this is fake information.

      • Yea. My guess is that it was a cover up. It seems like it’s coming, which isn’t a bad thing, but covering it up for 3 days and then having more info leak isn’t a good look for the company.

      • John- I agree. After this news leaked 3 days after the first leak, it definitely seems like Redmond tried to cover it up. Unfortunately for them, they now have egg splattered all over their face.

  2. Too rich for my blood. I’m still not sure whey they’re calling it a 3, but I guess they are being like Apple in the way they release products of the same generation at different times

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