As Microsoft promised on Patch Tuesday, a new fix for Surface Pro 3 tablets has been rolled out, aiming to fix the limited WiFi connectivity issue that is affecting many units.

Surface Pro 3 owners can grab the new patch, which is available via Windows Update right now.

Labelled as “System Firmware Update – 7/16/2014” and “System Hardware Update – 7/16/2014”, both software versions deal with the reported bugs that affect wireless connectivity performance.

The second July 2014 cumulative firmware and driver package has also been unleashed, and this one installs newer versions of Surface Integration, Bluetooth and wireless files, with the goal of improving overall system stability, WiFi strength and throughput.

However, it is not yet clear whether these updates do fix this limited WiFi connectivity problem, but this is the second such patch released this month, and Microsoft would be hoping for these issues to be history after installing these new versions.

These patches are being shipped in stages, so in case they do not show up, wait a little bit longer, and then deploy them via the integrated Windows Update option.

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  1. This is a pr disaster now. Even after an update to fix the issue for the tablet that costs 2 grand, there’s still reports that it isn’t fixed. Not a good start for the Surface Pro 3.

  2. Mike Greenway / July 20, 2014 at 9:47 am /Reply

    It works or not, you couldn’t fine a definitive answer? Did it fix it on your SP3? You do have one don’t you?

  3. These WIFI issues have been ongoing since the first Surface RT shipped and they still haven’t fixed it. When will they ditch the HW manufacturer (broadcom?) and go with a reliable source?

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