In a perfect world, this limited WiFi connectivity issue would not even exist. Or it would have been take care of after it was first discovered in the original Surface RT and Pro models. Taken care of, for good.

But as things stand, the recently released Surface Pro 3 still suffers from this bug.

And some users are so frustrated that they have decided to return their tablets instead of waiting for a fix from Microsoft, which the company has promised in the coming weeks. Sure, there are only a few that have opted for this rather extreme measure, but it does show that the issue is rather serious.

This post from a Microsoft Community moderator talks about several people bringing their faulty Surface Pro 3 tablets back at a Best Buy store:

“The typical consumer is not going to wait if their return window is expiring. Some factual information from Microsoft would help those folks decide whether to keep their SP3 or exchange for something else/return. I was at my local Best Buy yesterday and I saw two people in line with SP3 boxes at the Customer Service Returns desk. There were a total of 4 people in line. This is anecdotal for sure but you can’t fault people for returning these devices.”

Some factual information from Microsoft would indeed help!

This post was followed up by a number of other Surface Pro 3 owners confirming that they plan on returning their device, without giving Redmond a chance to release a fix for this issue.

The company is yet to confirm the release, but there is a possibility that a fix would arrive on Patch Tuesday next week. Although we do have confirmation that the software titan is aware of the issue, and that there are a few workarounds for this WiFi problem.

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  • Coatsey

    Nokia phones have a similar issues at times, so does this mean it’s software related? I want healthy competition between the giants but Microsoft you seriously need to get several acts sorted. To have wifi issues on the Surface, 1, 2 and now 3 is inexcusable and heads of departments and CEO should go. Why so strong in my views, well third time means

  • Mike Greenway

    The Headline: “Surface Pro 3 Owners” that means everyone that owns a SP3 is returning their tablets? vs. ‘Some Surface Pro 3 Owners Returning Their Tablets Due To WiFi Issues? a very different headline, one is fact, the other is innuendo. I know it is acceptable practice on the web and grocery check-out rags but not everyone believes that “Elvis was an Alien” which causes them to think differently about the author.

  • OnTheWrite

    WiFi issues have been an ongoing issue with Windows 8.1 and 8.1 RT. It is amazing to me that MSFT has yet to solve the problems. In addition to the WiFi “limited” bug, it also affects the LTE model I have, where my connections to AT&T are constantly interrupted by “limited” bug, where I have to reboot my tablet to regain LTE/4G access.
    It is not apparent as whether the connection issues effecting my LTE/4G mobile service is the same as the WiFi bug, but the LTE problems as much more frequent.
    BTW, AT&T blames Windows 8.x of course.