Finally, the time is here. Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s shiny new tablet is all set to go on sale later this week, but it appears that the company is yet to streamline the inventory.

As the official Surface website shows, the base Core i5 model with 128GB of storage has been pushed back 10 days. It will now be available June 30, instead of June 20, as was originally planned.

Sure, if you still want a Core i5 unit this week, you can always opt for the 256GB storage capacity model that also bumps the installed RAM to 8GB, but at a $300 premium. But really, this is a rather high bump in price that not everyone might be ready to pay.

Delays for Surface tablets are not a new thing for Redmond, however.

Both the original Surface RT, and the various Pro models had to confront initial shortage. And supply issues for most tablets were only sorted out months down the line. Now, while these may be good for marketing purposes and building hype, such issues are, ultimately, a concern for consumers.

As was detailed at launch, only the Core i5 models of the Surface Pro 3 will be available this month.

The Core i3 and Core i7 variants are scheduled to hit store shelves at the end of August, provided they too, don’t slip up, one way or another.

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  1. As long as it’s still the end of June, I don’t mind. A little setback happens, and is even pretty much expected at this point.

  2. What’s the status on pre-orders? Does this apply to those as well or do pre-orders have different dates?

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