Well, here we are with more issues. Microsoft surely wanted its third generation tablet, the impressive new Surface Pro 3, to work flawlessly, without any issues.

The company had experience to fall back on, but it appears that this device, too, is suffering from similar problems that struck the original and second generation hardware. The may not be widespread, but the issues are rather varied — overheating, limited WiFi, excessive fan noise, even BSODs.

This new one, however, is the most troubling of them all.

There are reports that some users have completely bricked their Surface Pro 3 tablets after deploying the firmware update that Microsoft rolled out earlier this month. Touch stops working, and the tablet asking for a reboot every time it starts:

“I just picked up the Surface Pro 3 i5 128 yesterday and it was working just fine until I performed the updates yesterday. I now experience the same exact issue with the touchscreen/pen driver constantly stating that it needs the device to restart in order to work.

No amount of restarts or uninstalls will get it to function. I even performed a restore of the device back to scratch. I used both the troubleshooter as well as the control panel. I also created another user account and still no response from the touchscreen or the windows button on the right.”

Troubling issues, but not something that Microsoft engineers cannot fix straight away. Faulty Patch Tuesday updates have resulted in these problems on PCs, every once in a while.

Expect an updated firmware to fix this problem.

But more quality control here would be more than welcome, particularly considering the other issues plaguing the Surface Pro 3. Stay tuned for updates on this in the coming weeks.

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  1. Happens all too often with Microsoft products. I prefer them to Apple, but Apple products tend to have far less issues resulting from updates. It just seems like Redmond doesn’t test them enough before releasing them or just rushes them out. Either way, it needs to change.

  2. Here we go again. I’ve yet to even open my Surface RT 1.0 OOTB. I’ll sell as ‘rare unopened’ memorabilia on ebay in 2024. Competitors products such as those from Apple while not perfect, are more secure, robust and easier to use. And I’ve been a Microsoft fanboi since 1990.

    • More secure and easier? I don’t know about all that

    • I hate to agree, but you’re on the money. It seems like there’s a new security or software issue every week. It’s just unacceptable at this point. Needs to be fixed before shoveling out another new product.

      • I’ve never heard of a security with Windows Phone or RT versions of Surface. Of course there are going to be issues with full Windows. There are security issues with Mac. You can’t compare an iPad and Surface Pro. They’re two different animals

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