Surface Pro 3 Trade In Gets You Up To $650 For Your MacBook Air

Microsoft was quick to point out the possibilities of how the Surface Pro 3 was a tablet that replaced laptops, essentially freeing users that carried both a notebook and a tablet, to just concentrate on one single device.

In fact, the company drew direct comparisons between its new 12-inch slate and the MacBook Air.

And now Redmond has initiated a trade-in deal in order to entice MacBook Air users to part with their device by offering them up to $650 in credit towards a Surface Pro 3.

Standard terms and conditions apply, however, as is usually the norm.

That is, the MacBook Air that is being traded in must power on to be considered in working condition. Owners with a water damaged or cracked screen need not apply — as these are not considered devices in working condition as part of this promotion.

Obviously, how much you get depends upon the condition of your device.

Only one MacBook Air may be traded in as part of this deal, and you must purchase a Surface Pro 3 in order to qualify for the maximum amount of possible credit.

All Microsoft Store in the US and Canada, including Puerto Rico are handling the trade-in exclusively. Although there is no indication that this offer extends to other channels, or even internationally, it does run until July 31, 2014. Or until supplies last.

You can read up on all the details on this page here, if you are interested.

  • Robert Kegel

    This was a bad title. Reading it quickly I thought it meant if you trade in your Surface 3 you’ll get $650 toward a macbook air.

    It should have read “Trade in your macbook air and get up to $650 toward a Surface Pro 3”.