Redmond’s newest tablet has just made its way to the store shelves, with sales having started a couple of weeks back. Sadly, the wide scale launch has also given way to a wide spread problem.

It is remarkable how the same limited WiFi connectivity issues pop up on Surface slates.

These pretty much make browsing the Internet difficult on the tablet, and although a few workarounds have been found, people experiencing these issues are waiting for an official fix from Microsoft. Luckily, the company is on it.

A Microsoft engineer confirmed in a post today on the official Surface forums that the company is now looking into these reports, and will provide more information in the coming weeks.

In the words of Josh F, from Surface support:

“Thanks for sharing your experiences. If I understand correctly, after your devices sleep for any amount of time the network and possibly the Bluetooth devices no longer appear in Device Manager and this results in no network connectivity, etc.

Your feedback, including suggested workarounds (successful or otherwise) has been shared. We are working to address this and will have an update available soon.”

This is quite similar to the issue that almost all Surface models have experienced so far, upon launch.

The original Surface RT started it when it was released all the way back in October 2012, but other Surface Pro models also experienced limited WiFi connectivity, although not as widespread. All of these were resolved by firmware updates released by Microsoft.

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  • Jen

    How does this happen? People will have a hard time to take Microsoft tablets seriously when it’s expensive and has this simple issue. Inexcusable!

  • Ignaceous

    Hopefully they’ll also address the major problem the new pen has when drawing slow curves.

  • Coatsey

    I have to say Microsoft is in a complete mess, from over complicating the buying of products, naming conventions and ordering items. They cancelled my order for a SUrgace Pro 3, no issues with payment, and when I called I spoke to a lady who avoided giving me her name and promised to get back to me. one week later nothing. Then there the multiple names and Exchange Online, and Offie 365, I have not got a clue. Last but not finally

  • Mike_from_Saskatoon

    I have a SP3 and I’ve never noticed any problem. Not sure how widespread this problem is, but I can guarantee it’s not every unit (since mine doesn’t suffer from it).

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