It has been almost a year since Microsoft first announced the Surface tablets, June 2012 to be specific, and finally users in UK can finally get their hands on the Surface Pro.

Microsoft has officially launched the Surface Pro in the UK.

Britons get the choice between the 64GB and 128GB models of the tablet that are priced at £719 ($1,080) and £799 ($1,200) respectively. Touch and Type Covers for the Surface Pro, however, are sold separately, even though the technology titan is running a special promotion for Surface RT.

Buyers who choose the Surface RT are eligible to receive the covers for free, but this special offer does not extend to the deluxe tablet.

The Surface Pro is available on the company’s online store, and is also sold in John Lewis department stores across the country. Selected PC World stores are also getting the stock along with availability on its website,, meaning you can give the tablet a try before buying.

Obviously, all these stores are also selling the Surface RT.

In fact, the first 20 people that purchase a Surface Pro from the flagship John Lewis store on London’s Oxford Street will get a free one-year subscription to Office 365. So hit the queue early if you live near the area and are planning to get buy the slate.

The Surface Pro is now available in a number of markets, with several other countries in the pipeline to get the tablet very soon. The list includes Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy in Europe.

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