While interest in the Surface Pro remains high as ever, with Microsoft still scrambling to fill inventory of the 128GB model of the tablet, the slate is not without its share of problems, large and small.

Some of the lucky few who have got their hands on Surface Pro units have reported all kinds of issues from problems with the stylus pen, to muting sound glitches. While they may not be overall widespread, they are there. And you can add another one to the list.

Latest reports show that users get shocked every once in a while when the tablet is charging.

And no, I don’t mean shocked in a good way.

Electricity is at play here. Geek.com reports that the shock apparently occurs when the user touches the bottom right-hand corner of the device — but only when it is plugged in for recharging. The Vapor Magnesium casing is believed to be one of the reasons.

In fact, some users have even reported the issue over at Reddit. Here is one:

“I’ve noticed if I have it plugged in and lay my arm near it or even have the stand touching my legs or something I get mildly shocked every few minutes.”

And another one commented:

“I’ve experienced a static shock on a few occasions. I figured it’s just static, though. Now that I think about it I believe it was always during charging.”

No workaround to this problem available as of right now.

Microsoft is yet to respond to this new issue as of this writing, but if you are experiencing this little problem, your best bet is to visit your nearest Microsoft Store to exchange your device with a new one.

But that gives birth to another problem — the 128GB models are still out of stock. Meaning you may have to wait a while to get your hands on a replacement.

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  1. So glad I didnt get a Surface Pro now, seems like more and more problems arising every day. Im glad I went for the ASUS 11.6″ touchscreen netbook now instead of this problematic Surface Pro! Let hope they get it right with the Surface Pro 2 due out this xmas.

  2. Never noticed this until now, but it should be obvious. Metal case and the charger isn’t grounded..Just get a grounded plug and it should be fine. Haven’t had either of the other two issues reported and I’ve used 3 SP’s (2 64gb and 1 128gb).

  3. Just got my Pro, to early to tell, no shocks yet, but when using it for a while it gets warm and some times freezes and can’t move tiles around. I’ll wait awhile and be back with more comments

  4. Good to see this is a (somewhat) isolated issue. Shocks, mild or otherwise, are never fun. I had a recent laptop that went crazy like this, luckily the issue disappeared.

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