The 128GB model of course. But that is the small premium you pay to be the first country to get your hands on Microsoft Surface tablet outside the United States and Canada.

It was only a little while back when the news broke out that the slate would be going on sale in China on April 2, though pricing details were kept under wrap at that time.

Now it has emerged in a report by the International Business Times that the 64GB model of the Surface Pro is set to be priced at $1,061, while the larger 128GB variant carries a price tag of $1,190 — a fair bit of markup to what these tablets cost back in North America.

In the United States and Canada pricing for the Surface Pro starts at $899 and goes up to $999 for the larger capacity model without a Touch Cover. Keyboard, obviously, is separately sold.

Microsoft is said to be keen to bring the Surface Pro tablet to more countries, alongside China very soon.

Europe seem to be next, with markets like the United Kingdom, Germany and France said to be next in line to get the device in the coming months. It will be interesting to keep an eye on what kind of pricing they have to deal with.

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