Enough already! Admittedly, the Surface Pro is one of Microsoft’s biggest ever products, and as a first attempt into hardware it is safe to assume some problems may pop up, which the company will learn from and prevent in future iterations of the tablet.

But when things exceed from some problems, it gets somewhat upsetting.

Most people are still waiting to get their hands on a Surface Pro, but some lucky ones that already got the tablet have discovered another bug that reportedly affects the screen brightness of the tablet.

A few posts on Microsoft Answers community forum confirm that the brightness changes all of a sudden, even though these users have turned the auto dimming control off:

“The Surface Pro randomly brightens and dims even when auto brightness and dimming is completely shut off. I contacted Microsoft chat support and they said they are aware of the issue but it’s taking longer than expected”.

It did not take too long before another user chipped in with a confirmation:

“I have just completely restored my surface to factory image. The problem presents itself again, when not plugged in, the display brightens and dims randomly. It might take a few minutes for it to do it, upon a restart of the surface, but it will do it, and continue to do it until you reboot, it will stop for a few minutes but then start again. Rebooting only temporarily fixes the problem for a few minutes”.

Few minutes? Gulp!

Good thing is that Microsoft was quick to respond and confirmed the problem. Good old Steven_B (the friendly neighborhood moderator over at the forums) said in a brief message:

“Sorry for the delay. We are aware that this issue occurred on the Surface with Windows RT and is occurring for some users with the Surface Pro. We are investigating what is causing the issue”.

A fix is said to be released in the near future, probably with next month’s Patch Tuesday update, which hopefully will patch this and some other issues reportedly affecting the tablet.

While there is hope yet that this is not a widespread issue, but the fact that not everyone who suffers from these bugs posts about it online is a tad worrying. At its very core, the Surface Pro shares a lot in common with traditional laptops and ultrabooks, but these are not trivial problems in any way.

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  1. They need to take a leaf out of Apples book as they make sure there are no problems with any of there products now. People will realise soon that the Surface Pro and RT will go the way of Microsoft Zune MP3 player. I wouldn’t waist my money on something that will not be supported in a couple years. Before people start flaming me for saying im an Apple fan boy I don’t own any of there product or ever will but same goes for any Microsoft hardware! They are a software company and they should just stick to what they do best!

    • Not to be as you claim “flaming” you. But perhaps before spouting assumptions, you should verify it. MS has already promised to support Surface RT until at least 2017.

      Will Windows RT survive, let alone thrive? That is a completely different issue. I see it as a very limited market. So what if it is discontinued? Windows RT apps will continue on and grow because they are not dependent upon Windows RT alone, and Microsoft will support its products as promised. This means that if you think that Windows RT is right for you, go ahead and buy it without worries. Me I will likely buy Windows 8 tablets only just because of the added functionality. But I certainly would never think of Zune when considering these products or not.

  2. I found the same thing with my Pro. It’s screen dims and than brightens again. It runs very warm too.

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