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While Microsoft is undoubtedly preparing for the imminent release of Surface Pro in February, it has not stopped the company from offering up another flavor of the Surface RT.

The new addition to the Surface family is a 64GB version of the device without a Touch Cover, priced at $599. Buyers do have obviously have the option to purchase the accessory separately as the Touch Cover continues to be available separately for $119.99 — oh heck, $120.

Surface RT officially saw daylight on October 26 along with Microsoft’s shiny new Windows 8 OS, and back then the 64 GB version was only available with the Touch Cover included and a price tag of $699.

This new option is not available on Microsoft Surface website, but should show up soon.

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The two big questions now are how the market responds to this new offer, and whether this flavor of Surface RT will be available in Europe, as Microsoft is getting ready to bring its first tablet to 13 new countries. Still, more options are never a bad thing.

The 64GB variant of Apple’s iPad retails for $699, so technically Surface RT becomes $100 cheaper, and it obviously comes with a expandable storage — via the included SD card slot of an external USB drive.

But hey, as long as Microsoft does not put up a Surface RT 64GB version without Office 2013 for $499 we will be alright, eh?

If you are in the market for a Surface RT, do share your thoughts on this and whether you are interested in this new trim of the tablet. Or would you much rather splash the cash for the 32GB option with a Touch Cover at the same price point? The comment box below is your friend.

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  1. They can do or say whatever they want, I’ll wait for the Pro thank you very much

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