Surface RT, Microsoft’s first ever tablet has had a rather interesting tale to tell. Microsoft launched the slate to great fanfare late last year, including a notably elaborate marketing campaign.

But owning to various factors, the Surface RT has failed to meet the high expectations set by the company. A checkered launch, coupled with relatively high price and limited international availability meant that sales of the slates never really took off.

In fact, Redmond had to turn to a one-time $900 million write-down to adjust Surface RT inventories.

Even CEO Steve Ballmer seemingly admitted (internally, of course) that the tablet is not selling well enough, pointing out that the company had much higher expectations from the slate.

The technology titan, however, recently announced a major discount of $150 for the Surface RT a couple of week ago. And it seems that this new promotional effort has started to pay off — the offer is too good to refuse, as the saying goes.

WinRT Source tried to determine whether this new price cut has boosted Surface RT sales.

The report says that no less than 20 different Microsoft Stores across the United States were contacted to inquire about the recent shipments of the device. And all of them claimed that the tablet is selling quite well, helped in no small part by this remarkably important discount.

Microsoft is yet to comment on this report, but if the sales are really taking off they will surely show up as increased market share of Windows RT in online statistics soon enough.

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  • Rodney Longoria

    One can only imagine how their story would have been today, had Microsoft began at this price point to start with.

    • Ray C

      I agree. Just imagine with it was priced at the point where is is now from day one or if they had started promoting the discounts to certain groups like education from the beginning. I’m looking forward to how Surface 2 numbers look if they start off at this price point, especially with the addition of smaller ones. I had always maintained that once Microsoft dropped the price a little, and we got farther and farther away from all the negative articles and blogs regarding Windows 8, there would be movement.

      • Michael Paterson

        I would have loved to have seen the sales figures for Surface Pro if it’s price were $200 lower and with a free keyboard.

        • Ray C

          Microsoft should have gone for it. I hope they learn this lesson with Surface 2 and all the smaller devices. Just get the product in the hands of people and let the chips fall where they may. It worked for Office. I worked for the first XBox. If you like, make it a limited time offter. Just get the product in the hands of people and build up market share and customer base. I know companies have to consider profit loss, but almost every company out there sells a product they lose money on or they lost money on at home point. Pick a certain threshhold. Once you get that number sold, then the promotion ends. You don’t need to be number 1 or even number 2 over night. You simply need a respectable share. At that point you reach a place where you always have potential to increase customer base with each new release. As for Surface Pro, I just can’t see them selling it under $200. I’m not sure I’d even suggest they take THAT MUCH of a loss. I could see it as a holiday sale maybe. But if you’re going to sell a Pro long-term at that price you’d have to sell Surface RT at $99. I don’t think even Andriod would be willing to go that rought. Could you imagine Apple selling the regular iPad for $99? Now I’ve heard of a sale being a “steal,” but at that price Microsoft might as well leave a warehouse unlocked and allowe people to steal it. 200 for the pro and with the keyboard, that’s too low. I could see 399 or 345 for the Pro with the Keyboard

          • Michael Paterson

            I agree with what you’re saying. I wasn’t saying the Pro price should be $200 but $200 lower than what it is today and include a free keyboard.

          • Ray C

            Misread what you said reading it on a phone. I thought you said $200 or lower

          • Michael Paterson

            Haha! Now _that_ would be a great deal 🙂

  • Onuora Amobi

    I’m still a believer that the Surface Pro was $500 too expensive.

    • Rodney Longoria

      You got a believer here, too. But no way will Microsoft cut it by that much, do you think? Nah…