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It had to come to this. Microsoft has now officially stopped selling its Windows RT powered tablets, the original Surface RT and the power packed successor, the Surface 2.

The ARM based operating system has no longer been in the long term plans of the company.

And we’ve had scattered hints from Redmond that devices running this operating platform will be gradually phased out. Hardly surprising, considering the success of the Surface Pro 3, but this is a momentous occasion nevertheless.

Previous rumors, however have proven to be true.

Both the Surface RT and the Surface 2 are no longer up for purchase at the Microsoft Store.

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However, there is still a chance that buyers may be able to get their hands on one at physical stores, the world over. Microsoft launched these tablets internationally in a number of markets, and some retailers may still have a few units in stock.

So where does that leave the Windows RT platform?

While these two tablets are no longer manufactured, Redmond has confirmed that owners will still receive some form of updates for them later this year. Some features included in Windows 10 are expected to be shipped to these Windows RT devices, although which, remains unconfirmed.

Just don’t expect the full Windows 10 experience on your ARM powered Surface tablets.

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  1. Sad…
    This had been the best tablet I’ve ever owned… and I’ve owned a lot from both of the A’s. Hope they will update it to the Win10’esk standard. I have no plans of replacing it anytime soon. Primarily because there just isn’t a tablet on the market that tickles my fancy. This was the one I worked on, this was the one I fell in love with.
    I did have a good run with it and hoping for more… you hear me Microsoft!

  2. I think I might was the first one who owned a surface RT after Steven Sinofski showcased it at a 2012 meeting. Since then it has became my primary device to work on. I do nearly all my staff with my Surface RT. the first generation of Surface. I really fell in love with it when I saw it. We hope as customers, Microsoft continue supporting and updating this device as always, if Microsoft wants “Windows Every Where” to come true.

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