Microsoft may be looking to merge Windows RT with the Windows Phone platform very soon, but it appears that users in North America are already sold on the idea of a Windows on ARM powered device.

In other words, a substantial amount of users in North America have purchased the first generation Surface RT, which keeping in mind the whole bunch of price cuts, suggests that the high price of the tablet at launch was perhaps the main reason behind the less than stellar initial uptake.

This latest edition of Chitika Insights shows that Microsoft’s Windows RT tablets (the first and second generation Surface models) generated some 6.5 percent of the traffic on the shopping network.

Chitika says in its report:

“Microsoft’s growth within the tablet space has taken some time, but it’s reasonable to surmise that the company’s long-term strategy for the device category is now paying some dividends. While not exponential, its Surface devices have exhibited steady usage growth in recent months, with share increases largely following the mid-July price cuts of the Surface RT.”

As of right now, Surface RT and Surface 2 account for 6.4 percent of all North American tablet web traffic, this side of the iPad. And interestingly, the number is all set for growth in the coming weeks.

Microsoft and its partners have prepared some very special Black Friday promotions for the Surface RT, in what is a clear attempt to clear out inventories. The device is on track to be available for $199 later this week both online and across the US retail channels.

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  • Ray C

    I think the actual usage of Windows-based tablets is probably higher than 6.5%. I’d imagine it’s just under double-digits. After the holiday season it will only continue to grow. Hopefully generation 1 gets down as low as $149 in some later sale. The more that buy these devices, the more that they will see that people have been scaring them away Microsoft devices for no reason.