You may already be aware that there is a little event scheduled for September 23 in New York City where Microsoft plans to official unveil its second generation Surface tablets.

And this means that Microsoft has had a change of plans when it comes to firmware updates for the current generation Surface RT and Surface Pro slates.

The technology titan has released firmware updates for the Surface RT every month since it launched the slate in October 2012. And in the case of the Surface Pro, firmware updates have been regularly flowing every month since February 2013 — save for one exception in July this year.

But the company has announced that it will not be releasing updates for the tablets in September. The update history page, without providing any specifics, briefly confirms this:

“No product updates were released for Surface in September.”

If you are a Surface owner and were waiting for a specific solution for an issue with your tablet, you may have to wait until next month for the regularly scheduled improvements and fixes for the slates.

For now, Redmond is focusing all its attention on unveil its next generation Surface lineup.

The second generation Surface Pro is said to feature the new Intel Core i5 Haswell processors with 8GB of RAM. The RT, on the other hand, will be simply called Surface 2 and comes with an NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip paired with 4GB of RAM.

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