Alongside the Patch Tuesday rollout, Microsoft has also released a large new firmware update for its Surface lineup of tablets. These fix many of the reported bugs over the past few months.

First up is the Surface RT, Microsoft’s first every slate. It has received a new firmware version that brings a Home button drive update that optimizes the available system memory. An audio device driver update is also available that enhances trackpad sounds for the Type Cover 2 for the device.

And just the original tablet, the Surface 2 has also received a firmware update that fixes many of issues that were reported after the launch of the new device.

This new firmware version that is being delivered to users via Windows Update resolves an issue that causes screen dimming during CPU intensive operations. Also optimized is the two-finger trackpad usage. Plus now the device can better support additional extended displays.

Charge time for batteries is also decreased with this update — to the delight of users, surely.

Microsoft has also improved the Skype video quality, and the new firmware also resolves a delay that users experienced during restart when Bluetooth devices were connected during the process.

As noted above, these new firmware updates are being delivered via the integrated Windows Update option, meaning no user input is necessary. Do make sure, however, that your tablet is well charged before installing them.

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  • Ray C

    This has been going on for a while. They’re moving a lot faster now, and there are still occasional issues that people seem to have to deal with for a while, but the idea that Microsoft products don’t work or they don’t try to fix them is simply old and outdated.

  • Robert Trance

    I am already fully satisfied with my Surface 2, but seeing that support and developing is priority is Always good to see