The trouble with premier products is that it takes an awful lot of time to sort out factors like shipment and availability, sales and retail. The Surface tablets were no different.

Struggle is not a word to be used lightly — but Microsoft did have to scamper and scurry to make sure it could provide enough tablets for buyers in North America at launch. The rest of the world had to wait a fair while to get their hands on the slates, and even now they are not available in many countries.

Taiwan, however, is one country where the Surface slates are available.

And they are an absolute hit, according to the general manager of Microsoft Taiwan, Davis Tsai.

The senior executive says that the devices have gained some major traction in these past few months, carving out one third of the market. Microsoft’s main intention now is to boost the market share from slightly over 30 percent to around 50 percent by the end of 2014.

Lofty goals, but not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

The second generation Surface units are also selling pretty well in other markets right now, including the US, and some of the more popular variants and capacities are listed as out of stock on many stores.

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