Microsoft’s first tablet, the Surface RT, comes in two storage flavors — a 32 GB version and another one that has a 64 GB capacity. But due to pre-installed software like Windows RT, Office RT and other Modern apps, the actual space available to users falls dramatically.

In case of the 32 GB tablet, it pretty much halves to 16 GB of usable storage.

This is enough of a difference that Microsoft’s advertisements could actually, in some cases, be considered misleading. One user in fact, filed a lawsuit against the company demanding a refund and asking Microsoft to revise its marketing numbers.

And Microsoft has just done that.

The company has added a disclaimer on the Surface website letting users in on the fact that preinstalled apps actually take up a lot of space on their tablets. The disclaimer is placed on a prominent position at the top of the page and reads:

“Surface comes with great software to help you do more. This software uses significant storage. Get important storage details”.

The Surface Storage page lists the 32 GB version of the tablet with 16 GB of user available storage, while the 64 GB version has a much better number of 45 GB. Of course those that want more space are free to connect an external USB hard disk or microSD cards with up to 64 GB capacities:

“If you do run out of space on your Surface, there are several easy ways to expand your storage. Surface comes pre-loaded with the SkyDrive app allowing you to store up to 7 GB of content in the cloud for free. The device also includes a microSDXC card slot that can be used to store up to 64 GB of additional content to your device”.

Chew on this, iPads.

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