While Microsoft is still rounding up a new fix to the Wi-Fi connectivity issue bugging its tablets, it seems that it may have to add another little problem to the list affecting its Surface tablets.

The newest problem Redmond has to deal with is something that affects the Windows key (or Winkey for short) that does not seem to work at random times.

A few users have reported the problem on the company’s official support forums, and a Microsoft representative has just confirmed the bug and promised a fix that should most likely arrive in one of the upcoming Patch Tuesday update cycles.

A Surface team member said in a short post on the forums:

“We are aware that the Windows Key does not work every time and we are checking into it. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add your information to the documentation I have for this issue.”

This issue, it seems, was first reported all the way back in November and while there is no fix available at this point in time, the company most probably is working on a patch as of this writing.

Still, from the outlook it seems that the issue should be an easy fix for the software giant, and nowhere near the Surface Wi-Fi connectivity problems that have affected some of the tablet owners.

Microsoft itself has admitted that the dynamic nature of the Wi-Fi bug meant that it had some problems replicating the issue. And even though the company addressed the problem in two of the most recent Patch Tuesday updates, it has promised a more comprehensive fix soon.

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  1. Although I have spent several thousand $ USD on flying to America 2x to get a Surface Pro and returned empty handed, I am actually glad I was not able to get one now. However I still have my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Asus Transformer Infinity which I love, I still want a Surface Pro and once MS gets most of the bugs exterminated I will get a couple of them.

  2. @1stkorean: I’ve had my surface pro for a few weeks, now, and I can tell you from my experience that these are not huge issues. I think I’ve experienced the Wi-Fi bug a couple of times and I just went to the settings, disconnected and reconnected and went on my way; took all of 10 seconds. I’ve never even experienced the winkey issue. These two overblown bugs should not be the deciding factor in your purchase.

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