There are times when you don’t need studies to tell you where a particular market is heading towards. All they do is just bring out some numbers. One such study is Prosper Insights and Analytics.

This latest research of US adults (aged 18 plus) and what mobile phone they are considering to purchase within the next three months shows that Android is still the king of hill, with iPhone in second and Windows Phone is ahead of BlackBerry by a fair margin.

Forbes has put up the survey results, titled Mobile Phone Consideration Set.

And it shows that 19 percent of the respondents said they were planning a Windows Phone device in the near future, with only 11 percent in the market for a BlackBerry smartphone.

Still both platforms lag behind Android and its 53 percent share and iPhone with 35 percent.

You may be wondering the numbers don’t quite add up. Yes, because the survey takes into account a degree of overlap in percentages — keeping in mind backup or second choices of the people that were surveyed.

If the market holds anything similar to the above analysis, it seems that Android will once again take a bit out of Apple in the first quarter of 2013.

While the main focus of the survey was indeed the battle between Android and iOS duking it out, the number Microsoft and its Windows Phone platform received are breezy cool. Windows Phone has left a lot to be desired as far as the United States market is concerned.

And it is nice to see it climbing the ranks — even if only potentially.

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  • ddevito


    Yeah that’ll save Windows


    • Rex

      I dont know what you are talking about. If it hit 19%, that would more than save Windows. Truth is they dont even need near that. If they hit 8% in the next year, they will hit the moon. This is a marathon, not a sprint. MS doesnt give up easily. If they see progress, they will be extatic. Problem is while 19% is considering, most of them will likely choose something else. Still, I think it is pretty good that they have a 19% recognition level. Lets see how it pans out. This stat makes me pretty confident that Windows Phone does have a future.