Tablets continue to rule the landscape, and they are fast becoming the preferred gadget to have around for technology savvy users. For many they provide the best balance between the power of a laptop, and the mobility of a smartphone.

And as a new study shows, a substantial portion of users are okay for trading their trusty old PCs for a shiny new tablet. In fact, more than half are willing to make the transition.

These statistics have been revealed via a survey of more than 1,000 adults in the US and Canada that own both a tablet and a PC. It mostly focuses on how tablet users respond to digital advertising, but it does contain some interesting numbers regarding overall slate usage habits.

For starters, some 56 percent of respondents are more likely to respond to a tablet ad than an advertisement seen on a PC. In fact, 42 percent of the people surveyed said they were more likely to shop while on the tablet than if they were using a computer.

Interesting statistics, but for PC makers the following figure may hold even more fasciation.

When it comes to permanently replacing their computers with a tablet, up to 55 percent of the participants are totally okeydokey with this. Most of them are finding they use their slate more regularly than a good old PC, thanks to the liberating freedom on offer.

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  • Daniel Mota

    I would be willing to replace my smartphone with a small-tablet-phone,

    and in paralell replace my desktop with a powerful laptop (which I have already done).

    A tablet is no real replacement for a powerful laptop, and I don’t see the need to have 3 devices: smartphone, tablet and laptop.

    The solution is not to replace the laptop with a tablet but to replace the smartphone with a smaller tablet-phone.

  • Ray C

    I want to see even 56% of that 56% really place their PC. And of course people respond to tablet advertisements. There are more of them, and they’re usually much more flashy. The only reason people say they use their tablet more than their PC is because it’s mobile, but I would bet that a lot of those people still find themselves back at a PC at some point.

  • WillyThePooh

    So far, none of my friends bought a desktop or laptop in 2013. All of them are going for tablets when they want to replace their old PCs. The trend is pretty obvious.

  • un-village-seoul

    personally I will NOT give up my PC for my tablet. I have a powerful desktop, and laptop, and the Surface Pro (128GB) and it is great but it cannot replace my desktop or laptop when I need to get real work done.