They say children set the tone for the future, and they are right. If something catches up amongst young ones these days, it has a sure enough shot at going big in the near future.

And when it comes to the near future, tablets are the undisputed king.

The results of this new survey will surely not surprise you one but it is good to get a confirmation every once in a while. In this new study conducted by uSwitch, a phenomenal 80 percent of parents in the UK are going to buy tech gifts for their kids.

They will be spending around €292 (or $397) this year on tech gadgets. An additional 16 percent will up the ante even further, and plan on spending €480 (or $653) on technology items for their kids.

And what leads this chart of technology items, you ask? Well, tablets, of course!

Slates are what kids crave for nowadays. The result of the survey show that 24 percent of the parents that responded are going to buy tablets for their kids, while 17 percent are looking at games. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) only 13 percent are in the market for smartphones.

Reading is pretty high up on the list too, and some 11 percent of the parents plan on buying e-readers.

This may just be another standard research, but it shows that smartphones have surely taken a backseat, and the handset industry is starting to hit a ceiling.

Tablets, on the other hand, are certainly proving to be the thing to get these days. Suddenly those outrageous growth forecasts start making sense. All things factored in, we certainly could be looking at some extreme increases in tablet shipments in the next couple of years.

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