So the big news, ladies and gentlemen, is that Microsoft will release the final public patch for Windows XP in just around a week from today. The classic operating system will then be retired April 8, 2014.

And although everyone in the industry has been quite vocal about it, it is almost a given that XP will still be used by a large percentage of users once support is cut off — the newest figures for the month of March from market research firm Net Application show that the old OS is still installed on countless PCs.

But for the sake of reporting, let’s just say that 27.69 percent of computers connected to the Internet are currently powered by Windows XP, an operating system that launched some 12 years back.

And now a new research conducted by a British software firm by the name of AppSense, reveals that 77 percent of businesses in the UK will stick to Windows XP beyond retirement.

Here is what Simon Townsend, chief technologist of AppSense has to say on this:

“It might be the case that an XP machine is running a print server, or some other application which is not entirely obvious. The reality is though, that one machine could potentially put an entire network at risk and without adequate protection it could be a step into the unknown for U.K. businesses.”

Risks, I am sure, have been very adequately outlined for this approach.

Anyway, an additional 68 percent of these have no intention of purchasing extended support from Microsoft. Which again, is understandable, considering the high costs of such a strategy.

The only positive here is that a healthy 84 percent of the respondents confirmed their plans of moving from XP to a newer operating system by the end of the year. Obviously this begs the question why they could not plan the upgrade before the retirement, but there you have it.

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  • Ray C

    Microsoft needs to hop on it. Give an even bigger discount than $100 for buying a new PC, and run a sale on Windows 8 until the end of the year for people who aren’t going to buy a new system. Make it a choice people just can’t pass up

  • Robert Trance

    Finally, should have been retired long time ago!!

  • Wayne S

    The people still running XP better hope this last patch is incredible. If it’s not, they’ll be in trouble sooner rather than later. Time to upgrade, people. I’m looking at you, UK businesses.

  • Emily W

    Well, the 16% that’s left over either doesn’t care about computers or likes to live dangerously. At this point, it’s almost impossible to justify not upgrading. It’s not overly expensive and you’re only hurting yourself.

  • Jake

    I would expect this number to rise if Microsoft keeps pushing the ads and messages that XP is dying and outdated. I think they can get it to 90% by the end of the year.

    • Jason Claven

      I’m 100% on board with that statement! haha. In all seriousness, I do think this number can get a lot bigger by the end of the year as more people become educated and aware of the situation.

  • Bill Franklin

    I wonder how accurate this survey is and how big the sample size is. It probably will be around 80% thanks to all the publicity, but there are still a lot of people using xp.

  • Ted Smith

    Not that these aren’t helpful, but I don’t need statistics to know XP is going to be obsolete soon. Microsoft has made that abundantly clear.

  • Sally Black

    I thought the 27% figure was more interesting. The connected to the internet probably makes it lower than just computers in use. I know there are businesses and homes that use them just for offline programs and software.