Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro, Microsoft’s Windows 8 hybrid tablet/laptop for business has a starting price of $899 for the 64 GB model, without a keyboard.

It does have an Intel Core i5 processor to give it the horsepower it needs to run Windows 8 properly and will be able to run your legacy Windows 7 apps.

It will NOT come with Office 2013 though. There are many more pros and cons.

Not quite a tablet, not quite a laptop, this seems to be a guinea pig device. Over here, we’re wondering, at that price, is anyone going to want it?

That’s where you come in. Please take our survey and leave your comments below…


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In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • 123321

    …maybe i should wait for sth like the surface ultrabook… 😉

    • eLse

      But isn’t this an ultrabook already? It is to me. And it is a tablet too to me. I wonder am I in the minority to see this point?

      • 123321

        if you look at specs and stuff, then yes i agree. surface pro can be compared to an ultrabook. but i need a bigger Screen (13-15”) for doing things such as complex 3d modelling or stuff like that. i know i can connect it to a bigger Screen but that only might work at home or in the Office but not on the go… so i would prefer having sth like a surface book (which is already rumored to become a real product ^^).
        everything else is nearly perfect with the surface pro. nevertheless i would like to have more RAM (8GB or sth)… but hey time will bring those devices i’m looking for 😉

  • Tony F

    Not at that price!

  • Bobby Meadows Jr

    i just got me an android tablet at $159 2 weeks ago so why would i spend 3 months check on anther one now if it came down to low 100s maybe

  • valapsp

    Aside from the high price the battery lasts for only 4 hours which is awful I can say.

  • ET

    Yes. I currently have an Asus Eee Slate EP121 that I love. I can do anything on it that you can on a laptop. Can’t wait to see how the Microsoft Surface compares.

  • almulder

    It needs to be about $200 less. for $699 I would buy with out keyboard. I would get the keyboard when the time called for it. They can’t expect an untested device to sell for more that the tested ipad. then Newest iPad 64gb is only $699. that’s what i and many others compare it to. and even at a $699 price point it still is hard for other to consider. You can find touch windows 8 laptops for around $700, (And that has a keyboard + more) They really need to re evaluate their pricing.

    I have been waiting for it to be announce but that price point is to high. FOr that kinda pricing I would save myself some money and get an iPad that has been tested, try and proven.

    MS Store is still small and to come out swinging with such a high price tag, few will adopt it. and even few developers will move to the windows platform knowing this. Then ontop of it with the leak of “Windows Blue” Who know whats going to happen to all the current windows 8 users. (Phones, PC, Tablets) We are left in the dark and are in a holding position to see what happens. I purchased and upgraded 4 of my computers. But with the fear of a new possible (Fee Version) service pack and new UI changes yet again. I will not be upgrading any others. And my friends are in fear of upgrading also.

    Microsoft, if your reading this you really need to consider letting the cat out of the bag with the details. Why upgrade to Win8 if Win Blue will be a service pack in a few months. Just wait until then see if the release is worth it and get the Win Blue version.

    I feel i have wasted my money by getting Win8 so early. And i feel bad for developers for Win8. Come Win Blue, Win8 will be dead for developers.

    I just switch phone provider so I could get the new Win8 Phone, but now I have returned the Win8 (Nokia 810) back to them and using my iphone until Microsoft figures out what is going on.

    Come On Microsoft. Wait much longer and its iPhone 5 Or Galaxy s III for a phone, and iPad (iPad 3) for me. (And friends of mine)

    P.S. you already screwed my by dropping WHS line.

    Just my 2 cents (And No Im not an apple fan boy. Just don’t like android much and was willing to switch to WIN8 but now very very skeptical about a possible waist of money.)

    • george szubinski

      almulder, your comment are such a lot of nonsense, you simply do not have a clue.MS is heading well in the right direction with lots of new products… yes I have win8 on my desktop, I have surface rt and will get the pro. yes I have been in
      IT a very long time and I develop apps… trust me I do know what Im talking about… Apple is not the way to go…

    • WillyThePooh

      I am using Win8 Pro and sure that you won’t waste your money. It organizes my computer a lot better than my iPad that different kinds of icons all mixed up on my screen. I bought the iPad4 because I could get it for only $400 and it has Chinese handwriting input for me to search websites in Chinese name. But $899 for win8 Pro machine w/o keyboard is just too much to ask for. My budget for surface RT w/ keyboard is $400 and Surface Pro w/ keyboard is $600.

  • DigitalWolf

    Totally, a ultra book costs about the same. And it has a wacom pen. I’m all over this!

    • neodoru

      Are you SURE it has wacom??

    • Todd

      Oh yes, it has the powerful Intel’s i5 process with SSD, etc… I can’t wait to buy one.

  • David

    I currently use an Asus EP121 has all the spec’s of the Surface Pro and more. Although the EP121 is no longer in production (replaced by the B121) it utilizes a 12.1″ screen, runs windows 8 just fine…and you can purchase new units for under $500.00 if you are willing to take the time to shop. I actually own 2 of them and wouldn’t give either up for a Surface at this time.

  • jamccoll

    Can’t see why anybody in their right mind would buy one of these things given the number of proven superior options competing in that price range. Not only that but given the recent organization upheaval at MS, and uncertain plans regarding the future evolution of Windows 8 it could make that kind of purchase carry a risk of near term obsolescence.

    • WillyThePooh

      Surface Pro is competing with ultrabook and Mac Air that its price is actually competi
      tive. But that is a niche market. Most people I think will go for Win8 OEM tablets/laptops if they still stay in Wintel ecosystem.

  • Todd

    I wish it was around $699… still at $899 a much better value than iPads or crappy androids. I’m selling my useless iPad 3 to get Windows 8 Sufrace with Intel CPU. The price is painful but still worth it.

  • Brenton Klassen

    Everything I do on the Surface is in the Modern UI so why do I need pro? RT is all I need.

  • Uneeq

    No. Not with type of pricing. With that price point IPad seems to be a better deal.

  • Damian Klop

    The battery life at 4 hours is a big problem! That is laptop territory. I need 6-7 hours. If it did have 7 hours I would buy it even at that price with a keyboard

    • Rex King

      Spot on.

  • JoppeVR

    Just bought the Surface RT but maybe if I go to the university

  • Bolo


  • John Santer

    I think Microsoft have lost the plot! my experience with windows 8 pro is that it lacks attention to detail. When I upgraded from win7 ultimate to win8 pro Microsoft replaced the video driver with there own, this caused no end of problems in running win7 software and I can’t run X-Plane 10 at all! I now have re-installed win7 just to run Xplane perfectly with a dual boot setup. Now they are talking about a mid year upgrade, Don’t they know that most people are running on limited budgets! and cannot afford to buy upgrades and new hardware every 6 months?

  • Pratyush Nalam

    More storage

  • Thomas Mehaffey

    As usual, most of the 62% who wouldn’t would certainly fork out over $600.00 or more for the ipad 3.123567 that will have some shiny new feature that brushes the sheeple’s teeth or some crap, then realize that they have to purchase something else to actually get work done at around the price of the surface pro, or a MacBook pro that is much more. It’s not an ipad, what part of that don’t you get? It is a tablet and laptop comined in one. Typical of the 365 Santa Clause crowd, want everything for free.

    Let’s give an example for the slow. I bought a Toshiba Satelitte laptop around 3 years ago to have something to use when away or around the house when I didn’t want to be at my pc and certainly was not going to buy Apple’s etch a sketch when I came out. Got it from Directron for around 600.00. Then Asus released the EP121 in, I believe, early 2011. My wife and I bought one each for Christmas in 2011. Was it more money than an ipad, kindle fire, android tabs? Yes, but it’s not those devices. I compared it to a Mac Air and if I would have bought that, I would have forked out 700.00 more at the time. Oh, and guess what, we have Kindle Fire’s as well. Now, when I look at the Fire, I do realize that it is not the Eee slate and can’t do what it does. I can read books on the slate though.

    The laptop, has become an extension of my media center hooked up wirelessly to the pc so my wife can do computer things on the big screen. The tablet replaced the laptop completely. It does everything from productivity to consumption. The surface pro will do the same and more. When the sheeple just look at the pretty pictures and can’t read the specs to compare, it’s no surprise.

    I guess with less and less working today, the need for productivity on a tablet is not required. As long as the Ipad has an app to see where the entitlement check is, all is good.

    Wah, the surface is not full blown windows, wah, the pro is too much money, wah, apple is great, wah, battery life is only 4 hours and so on and so on.

  • GJN

    To truly evaluate Windows 8, one needs a touchscreen device; these are what Windows 8 was built for. Surface, at this point in time, is the best such device available. The RT version is too limited so that leaves me, at least for now, with the Pro Surface as the only choice. I’m hoping the price will drop to a more realistic level by the time it becomes readily available.

  • philnolan3d

    I said yes, but the Samsung Ativ is looking really nice too, hard choice.

  • techblogger

    I won’t buy not so much because of the price, but I reports say the battery lasts only 3 to 4 hours. If true this is a step backwards in mobile. Mobile should free you from being tethered to the outlet. if I must sit closer to the outlet, I might as well sit at the desktop.

  • Jean Michel Veilex

    lol I love how people perceive that as too expensive when they have no problem buying a almost as expensive smartphone with way inferior specs… and don’t tell me you pay cheap with your plan, your god damn phone most likely cost you at least 600 bucks one way or the other if you bought it new within in 6 month of release and is top of the line like that tablet is in the true tablet PC world….

  • John

    Macbook Air Surface Pro+Type cover
    Cost $1100 $1130
    Display 1366×768 1920×1080
    Size 11.6″ 10.6″
    CPU [email protected] GHz [email protected] GHz
    RAM 4GB 4GB
    Touch No Yes
    Pen No Yes
    Thick .68″ .53″
    Weight 2.38 lbs 1.99 lbs
    Battery 5 hours 5 hours

  • Pambos Gunner Constantinou

    i think is totally the greatest thing that ever created by microsoft, i wish all the best to microsoft, but the only thing is: i hope that microsoft will understand the worldwide social financial crisis and reduce some its prices on its products…again all the best and if the US does not support microsoft and support APPLE, this does not either mean that the rest world does not support microsoft….

    And for APPLE fans of US, all the great abilities and the advanced technologies on APPLE products, only works on US not on the rest, on the other hand MICROSOFT and futher products, works anywhere…..

  • Rex King

    I was very interested. But I think after getting the current set of information. The holdback is….. Intel. The deal breaker here is the battery. 4 hours is just not good enough for a tablet replacement. Forget the “post PC era”, this moniker has it all wrong. We have entered the “always connected era”, and 4 hours just isnt always connected. I applaud MS here though. They have proven that they are not the stick in the mud. Intel can and will get a 4 watt i5 class cpu. Just not in the next year or so. 2 years, all bets off. Here is the bigger problem. MS knew what they can do and yet they bowed to the pressure to “get in the game”. But I think they showed their cards too early. Apple sees the writing on the wall just as well as MS. And even though they deny they will ever make a convertible, I am not buying it. No, they are definitiely working on it, they are working along side the state of the hardware and not the other way around. Convergence is their game, not innovation. Sadly, this is likely a winning combination. So am I buying a Surface Pro? No, but not because it is too expensive, but because it can not truely replace a tablet. However, 2 years from now, I may easily replace my laptop and tablet with the 3rd generation Surface Pro. But it absolutely must minimally get 6.5 hours battery life. For now I would get a touchscreen ultrabook instead.

  • mscsb08 mscsb08

    $899 ~ RM 2700. Price is too much for me. $699 ~ RM2100, it will be in my consideration to buy…

  • Sean Rollett

    No I wouldn’t buy this heap of junk. It’s a complete copy of what Apple have already invented and made work. Stop stealing ideas from Apple and come up with your own inventions. Come on if Apple can do it so can you. Too many viruses as well. Windows is easily hacked into regularly Where as Apple doesn’t get hacked into by Hackers. You need to make something that makes it harder to Hack into. Apple did it so why can’t you?.

  • TAZ