Fans of Foursquare were treated to a major change yesterday, when the company announced that going forward, all check-ins will be transferred to the Swarm application.

The app in question was announced a few months back.

But users that want to check in at various locations using Foursquare will need to install this new app on their devices. The Foursquare app will continue to exist, but it will not have all these new features. Thing is, the Swarm app is currently only available on iOS and Android.

And now the company has provided some details on the Windows Phone release:

“Since we’ve announced the launch of Swarm, we’ve heard from a ton of Windows Phone fans about how excited you are to see the app come to a live tile near you. It’s almost ready for you, so we wanted to share a preview of what’s to come.

Until Swarm is out, you’ll be able to check in on Foursquare for Windows Phone. We’re putting on the finishing touches and will have it for you as soon as possible (in the next few weeks), so stay tuned!”

It seems that the Windows Phone version of the app is already up, as can be seen in the accompanying screenshot, and only needs a little extra while for refinement and testing. Once it is released, all past check-ins of users, along with their friends and photos, will be moved to that app.

While the Foursquare app will get a personalized local search.

Chances are that Swarm for Windows Phone will arrive with a new version of Foursquare, in order for both apps to work seamlessly together. We should find out in the very near future.

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  • Leonard

    Keep growing the app store with poplar and good apps like this one! Good news for the Windows Phone.

  • terry10

    I’m familiar with Foursquare, but I’m not overly familiar with Swarm. It sounds like something people are excited about and may be worth a download. Think I may end up really enjoying this!