Synaptics demonstrate Windows 8 use with a clickpad

In this interesting new video, Microsoft hardware partner Synaptics demonstrate what the manipulation of Windows 8 can look like with a notebook clickpad.

The video shows a hand on a notebook’s clickpad manipulating Windows 8 with a lot of finesse.

Similar to the way Apple have perfected the multi-touch gesture, Synaptics have enabled swiping with a couple of fingers in this Windows 8 concept video.

You may remember that Synaptics was at the BUILD conference and I was able to do a brief interview with a rep from their company. You can read that here.

Anyway, the video is very impressive and gives you a good idea of what is possible with Windows 8 on a laptop. Hopefully the Windows 8 Beta will give us a clearer indication of how close to reality this video is.

Source: Techcrunch


  • Handa