T-Mobile doesn’t really care about selling Windows Phones

OK, this is really ridiculous.

Maybe it’s just me but every time I go to a T-Mobile store and ask to see a sample Nokia Lumia phone, it always seems like I’m asking for something strange.

Four times now I have gone to a T-Mobile store and it’s taken an average of 10 minutes for them to FIND their sample Lumia.

It’s always locked away or the manager has the key or the employees aren’t sure where it is.

The location I’m talking about is

3629 East Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107

Note to T-Mobile – Your people aren’t trained. You have the frikkin Lumia poster on the store window, it’s not unreasonable that people may want to see the store sample.

Note to Microsoft, if you want to know why people aren’t buying these phones, it might be because they can’t play with them in a timely manner.

Just saying.

  • Corvus Corax

    Microsoft doesn’t seem to care about selling Win 7.x phones as well so why T-Mobile should care?

  • techblogger

    Tmobile doesn’t know what it wants. They just exist as a provider. They do advertise but it’s like they are all high on something. You window shop there. You don’t buy from them. Maybe it’s all that Hello Kitty pink on their walls. I don’t know.

  • http://twitter.com/Tech_Gone_Wild Ezekiel Carsella

    We want justice!!!

  • PoohGQ

    The store I purchased my Lumia 710 from in Massachusetts had a working phone but unlike the folks buying Android phones, I didn’t get an assistance. However< after I purchased the phone the salesperson insisted that I be aware there's a restocking fee of $50.00 as a lot of returns were due to Android users buying the phone and returning it after they couldn't adopt the UI.

  • RobertWampler

    Wow this sounds like my deal in seattle.  I went into a store when win 7 first came out and i wanted two HD7’s and the rep told me i did not want a windows phone becasue they sucked and i asked why did they suck and he said well they just do and i had asked do you know anything about the phone and he said no i just know windows phones suck and u dont want one.  i neded up telling him about windows phone and then asked for a manager and told the guy off and that if i ask to buy something i dont want someone telling me i dont want one when i do