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64-Bit Apps Will Soon Be Supported On Windows 10 ARM

BUILD 2018 is almost upon us, and some nuggets from the forthcoming conference are starting to surface. Windows 10 ARM looks to be a major focus for Microsoft in this big event. It was back in December

NVIDIA Ends Driver Support For 32-Bit Windows

It is time. 32-bit Windows and, well even other operating systems, have been around for a long while now, and showing little signs of slowing down. NVIDIA, however, thinks that their time has come. The graphics card

Intel Announces 64-Bit Merrifield And Moorefield Mobile Processors

The battle for 64-bit mobile processor supremacy is heating up. Apple may have fired the first shots last year, but companies like Qualcomm and Intel have wasted little time in announcing their solutions. The former of the

Qualcomm Unleashes Eight Core 64-Bit Processor For Mobile Devices

MWC 2014 is in full flow, and many of the major companies have already fired off the first shots. None so more reverberant than Qualcomm and its eight-core Snapdragon 615 chip. The high-performance 64-bit solution integrates LTE

First Wave Of 64-Bit Bay Trail Windows Tablets Expected At MWC 2014

There are times when technology improves by leaps and abounds, and one such occasion is upon us. The age of 64-bit Intel Bay Trail tablets, it seems, is dawning. Almost all Windows 8.1 tablets right now run

Vendors Ready To Showcase 64-Bit Smartphone Mobile Processors At CES 2014

The times they are a-changin’. Mobile is currently where all the fun in technology is at, and the involved parties are just starting to heat things up to another level on the processors front. Next month could

Expect A Flurry Of 64-Bit Smartphones In 2014, Says New Report

Smartphone makers have a crazy knack of following the crowd. Even at times when it does not actually make the greatest sense. If a new technology is in, you can be sure that handset vendors will be

Intel Bay Trail Chips For 64-Bit Windows 8.1 Tablets Coming In Q1 2014

Intel sure seems to have started something with its Atom lineup of Windows 8.1 slates. The Atom brand prior to this was secluded in the realm of the Celeron and Pentium varieties of affordable processors. Call it

Get Ready For 64-Bit Windows Malware

Desktop is still the main battleground for cybercriminals, and it seems they are not going to let go of it that easily. While newer battles are said to be fought on mobile platforms like Android and iOS,

Mozilla Abandons Development Of 64-bit Firefox On Windows

Fans of Firefox have waited what seems like a lifetime for Mozilla to add 64-bit support. If you are one of these fans, prepare to be disappointed as Mozilla has just announced their decision to pull the