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Microsoft lowers Windows 8 resolution requirements, Enables ‘Snap Mode’ on low rez devices in Windows Blue

Microsoft’s CFO Talks About 7-inch Windows Tablets, Could One Finally Be Coming Soon?

So far Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet strategy has been squarely aimed at the higher-end. There are really no Windows RT or Windows 8 options out there (that I’m aware of) that cost under $450, part of that

Is Windows 8’s Avoidance of 7-inch Devices a Bad Move?

So Microsoft’s Tami Reller has now confirmed that the Windows 8 platform is focusing on 10.1-inches or larger for all the tablets around the launch Window. Onuora spoke up and said he thinks it is smart for

Is Microsoft missing out on a 7-inch tablet opportunity?

When Apple first jumped into the tablet scene with its iPad, they were 100%-confident that the 10-inch form factor was the way to go. For a while this proved to be correct, but recently 7-inch tablets have