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This Rugged Case Makes Your Surface Laptop Unstoppable

Urban Armor Gear sure do know how to make a case for themselves. The company has launched a rugged and lightweight case for the Surface Laptop, which is available for purchase now. Yes, it’s for that Windows

Why On Earth Is Microsoft Creating An iPad Touch Cover?

Well, being over suspicious is better than nothing, I always say! A suspicious looking official document has surface, hinting that Microsoft is testing an iPad Touch cover, of all things. Of course, Apple is coming of another

Microsoft Gearing Up To Launch A New Designer Mouse

Because that’s just what the world needs right now! Microsoft has a certain pedigree in designing computer peripherals, particularly keyboards and mice, and in the past, gaming joysticks. Now, though, Redmond is busy working on a brand

Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Finally Goes On Sale

Microsoft claims that their shiny new tablet can replace your laptop. The release of the Surface Pro 3 docking station only substantiates this claim. The eagerly anticipated accessory has finally made its debut, and you can now

New Surface Pro 3 Discount Gets You The Tablet For $650

If you are a student, that is. Microsoft regularly puts up special promotional pricings for its products, and the Surface tablets, in particular, get exclusive price cuts for sectors like education and the military. And here we

Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Now Up For Preorder

Microsoft have started taking orders for the Surface Pro 3 docking station, an anticipated accessory for owners of the company’s latest tablet. Units start shipping August 15, for $199.99. The official announcement details the accessory, and then

Microsoft Discontinues The Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter

It is the season of retirements. And discontinuations, too, apparently. Redmond had promised Surface buyers with a wide range of accessories, and while it has more or less delivered on most of it, there has been a

Get A Free Touch Cover With All Surface Purchases On Microsoft Store

Until Saturday, that is. The Surface Touch Cover is an essential accessory for Microsoft’s flagship tablets, and now the company has rolled out a limited time promotion. Very limited time, in fact, as this new deal ends

Microsoft Launches Affordable Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Redmond has a history with mice. With both keyboard and mice, but the company has shown renewed interest in launching new computer mouse models now that it is playing the hardware game. You know, the whole devices

Surface Power Cover Is Already Out Of Stock At Microsoft Store Website

Not again, for the love of clear blue skies, not again! Microsoft very recently announced the Surface Power Cover but the device seems to be selling really well, so much so that it is no longer in