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Indian Regulatory Authority Approves Microsoft Nokia Deal

Large and high-profile acquisitions are a lengthy process, usually spanning months. Microsoft may have announced its Nokia takeover deal a while back, but the whole procedure is expected to be complete sometimes next year. That is, pending

I told ya! Elop should not be taking that much money for sacrificing Nokia!

So I knew I wasn’t crazy! A few days ago I expressed my outrage about the fact that former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was getting 25 million dollars for giving his current company to his former company.

The real and sad reason Microsoft is acquiring Nokia’s devices unit

Upfront disclaimer – I have been a critic of Windows Phone and Nokia from the beginning, that hasn’t changed. OK, so like the rest of you, I got the news that Microsoft would be acquiring Nokia’s devices

Wow – Microsoft buys Nokia’s devices unit for $7.2 Billion

Somewhat surprisingly, Microsoft has actually purchased Nokia’s Devices and Services unit. This move brings the Lumia bran and line of phones finally under Microsoft’s full control. It also gives Microsoft total control of the largest Windows Phone

Should Microsoft buy Blackberry now?

Blackberry (formerly known as Research In Motion/RIM) is in trouble. The phone company recently announced that it has formed a special committee to explore “strategic alternatives” for its itself. They also went on to announce that they are

Cisco Tries To Reverse Microsoft’s Skype Acquisition

Boy, talk about déjà vu. Cisco is trying to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype that was already completed in 2011, this time claiming that this deal could infringe competition rules in Europe. According to a Reuters report

Microsoft Buys Analytics Vendor Netbreeze

Part of its increased focus on the CRM business, Microsoft just announced that it has taken over an analytics company by the name of Netbreeze. Terms of the deal were, however, not disclosed. The software giant believes

Microsoft acquires Perceptive Pixel – multi-touch company

Microsoft just announced their acquisition of Perceptive Pixel. Perceptive Pixel is a company that has been recognized as a leader in interaction design and the production of high-performance multi-touch platforms. The company is perhaps best known for

OK so RIM is now (really) on deathwatch – Will Microsoft step in?

OK so RIM is a mess. But then again, you probably knew that. RIM recently said the launch of BlackBerry 10 mobile devices has been postponed to early 2013 – more than a year later than initially

RIM might be selling their handset manufacturing unit

The Sunday Times newspaper is reporting that RIM might be on the verge of giving up and selling off parts of or a stake in their company. The Blackberry maker is allegedly examining all options including breaking