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Microsoft Acquires PowerPoint Software Developer LiveLoop

Chalk in another acquisition for Microsoft. The company has purchased startup software firm LiveLoop, which developed a popular PowerPoint plugin. Of the same name. LiveLoop turned presentations into web optimized files that could be accessed via a

Nokia Q4 2014 Results Show A Sharp Increase In Profits

Microsoft had a perfectly fine quarter in mobile, moving 10.5 million Lumia handsets, but guess which company found even bigger success. Nokia recorded a massive increase in profits. The company reported €3.8 billion in revenue in the

Microsoft Buys Acompli For Just Over $200 Million

Redmond has just officially confirmed the purchase of Acompli, a cross-platform email solution. It offers the option of combining email and calendar in one app, among other things. According to reports, the deal is worth north of

Electronics Giant TCL Shows Interest In Acquiring HTC

Chinese electronics giant TCL is going places. The company has reportedly put HTC on its shopping list, and this is a story that is sure to make HTC fans stop and take notice. TCL may not be

Microsoft Buys Minecraft For $2.5 Billion

Microsoft buys Minecraft, or rather, the company has officially completed the purchase of Mojang, the developer behind the hit game. After heavy rumors these past few days, we now have it official. The global phenomenon started first

Amazon Acquires Twitch For $970 Million, Saga Ends

In news about (almost) billion dollar buyouts today we have the confirmation that Amazon acquires Twitch, the video game streaming community for $970 million. The saga now ends with both companies having officially sealed the deal.

Microsoft Promises More Details On Nokia Acquisition On July 22

Redmond recently closed the books on its Nokia acquisition, finalizing the purchase of the Finnish company’s devices and services unit. But the purchase gave rise to many a question. A few were answered when the deal officially

Microsoft, It Appears, Is Really Interested In Acquiring Twitch

Strategic purchases. These are quickly becoming the norm in the technology industry these days, with several such buyouts completed in the past few years. And now we have reports of another one in the making. Twitch, the

Microsoft Now Officially Owns Nokia’s Devices And Services Unit

Redmond have just announced that the anticipated takeover deal has been successfully completed. The companies finally got all the necessary approvals from the regulatory agencies across the globe. Microsoft can now implement Nokia’s devices and services unit

Microsoft To Finalize The Nokia Acquisition On April 25

Some more official news heading our way, then. Microsoft have just confirmed that their purchase of the devices and services unit of mobile phone maker Nokia is to be completed this month. April 25 to be precise,