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April 2018 Update Is Now On Almost 90% Of Devices

But just almost. This version will never officially achieve the 90% market share mark, as the rollout of the October 2018 Update for Windows 10 is about to begin in the coming days. Meaning, even though the

AdDuplex Numbers Paint The Surface Picture

A picture that reveals that 1.24% of Surface owners are already using the Surface Go. Surprising when you consider it, inspiring when you think about it. The new tablet it already on a good trajectory. Advertising network

April 2018 Update Now On Almost 85% Of Windows 10 PCs

How’s that for success! Good news to report on the Windows 10 April 2018 Update adoption front, with new statistics confirming that it is running on close to 85% of compatible PCs. 84.2%, to be exact. These

Windows 10 April Update Share Already Hits 50%

Wow, that was fast! Microsoft has a reason to be pleased with the swift adoption of the Windows 10 April Update, with the latest version of the operating system already powering one in two PCs. That is

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Market Share Now At 90%

And just in the nick of time, too! Microsoft is all set to release the next major version of its flagship OS, but in the meantime, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is charting new heights. Heights of

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Share Climbs To 85%

That’s a solid showing. Concerns over fragmentation have been real in the world of Windows lately, but if the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has shown anything, it’s that Microsoft is on the right track. Of ensuring

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Off To A Hot Start

Hot stuff! The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is already installed on 20.5% of compatible PCs, the latest statistics from AdDuplex have revealed. All this, more or less, a month after rollout. This new version of the

Windows 10 Creators Update Market Share Crosses 72%

Advertising firm AdDuplex is here with their monthly round of statistics across the Windows 10 ecosystem. Creators Update, once again, is the major talking point this time around. According to the company, the latest version of the

A Third Of Windows 10 Users Still Don’t Have The Creators Update

Say, what’s up with this very slow rollout? It has been months since the Creators Update rollout began, but a large portion of Windows 10 users are still waiting to be offered the update. From April till

Windows 10 Creators Update Market Share Almost At 66%

Speaking of the word, the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 is almost upon us next month, and no better time to take a look at what kind of an impact the Creators Update has had on