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Budget Microsoft Surface Tablet Gets Real

If you’re still feeling blue after hearing reports that Microsoft has delayed, or even canceled, the Surface Andromeda mobile device, there’s some good news on the horizon. And unlike that mythic machine, this one is actually coming.

Microsoft Launching A Cheaper Surface Tablet?

Taking the fight to Apple, are we? There is a new report doing the round claiming that Microsoft is working to launch a cheaper Surface tablet later this year. Something with a price tag of around $400.

Entry Level Devices Now Make 60% Of The Windows Phone Market

Guess this is to be expected when handsets like the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 635 run riot, but the Windows Phone market is now clearly defined by entry level hardware. In fact, it now makes up

Samsung Wants 128GB Storage In Budget Smartphones

Now this is the sort of a noble idea everyone can get behind! Advancements in flash storage means new type of chips are possible. And Samsung is at the forefront of these technology innovations. The Korean giant

Lumia 430 Dual SIM Windows Phone Can Be Yours For Just $70

No surprises keeping in mind the fact that the low end market has become the main focus for Microsoft. The Lumia 430 is the newest launch from the company, and the most affordable. It basically sets new

MOMO7W Windows 8.1 Tablet Launches For Just $48

The question of how low can you go for Windows 8.1 tablets has been answered. The MOMO7W slate has taken things to a radical new low, and is priced at just $48. That’s the price of a

Are You Ready For The Ultra Affordable Lumia 435?

Microsoft seems just about ready to give the affordable market another shot with a new budget handset in the form of the Lumia 435, the first details of which are now out in the open. Apparently, the

FCC Listing Reveals Five New Affordable Windows Phones

More Microsoft Windows Phone these days usually means more affordable Windows Phones, as the company continues its policy of launching budget handsets in emerging markets. And some five new low-end Lumia devices have just been spotted at

At $75, Celkon Win 400 Takes The Cheapest Windows Phone Crown

One thing you can be sure of is that manufacturers labelling their Windows devices as Win. Plenty such models out there. The Celkon Win 400 is the newest addition to the list, though. And it immediately assumes

Holy Moly! $65 Windows Tablets Show Up, No Kidding

Let’s hit the $50 mark and call it quits. Windows tablets have taken another rather interesting turn, as a couple of Windows 8.1 with Bing devices have just gone official with a price tag at just $65.