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Windows 8 Uptake In The Middle East And Africa Is Also Slow

While Microsoft still believes that the performance of Windows 8 is very much in line with what Windows 7 recorded in its first few months on the market, analysts paint a different picture. According to market studies,

The Three Es Are Microsoft’s Secret Weapon Against Piracy

If there is one company that hates piracy more than anybody, it’s Microsoft. The software products carrying the Microsoft label are among the most pirated in the world. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, in particular, rank as

Microsoft And Huawei Introduce New Windows Phone For Africa

Africa is one of the fastest growing mobile technology markets in the world. A bunch of mobile phone makers have introduced Windows Phone 8 handsets in the continent at various price points. But there still is a

Microsoft Promotes App Development In Africa, Forms New Team

Apps sure are valuable. They are pretty much the lifeblood of any platform, particularly a mobile oriented one like Windows 8. In an increasingly mobile world, a worthy selection of apps has the potential to attract users