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Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally Joins Google

Remember Alan Mulally? Of course, you do! The former Ford president that was rumored to be the leading name on the shortlist of people for the CEO top spot at Microsoft. That is, before Satya Nadella was

Alan Mulally Now Has Very Slim Chances To Become Microsoft CEO, Thinks Analyst

Redmond recently made public some details regarding its search for a new CEO, candidly confirming that the new person will only take charge sometime early next year. Rick Sherlund, an analyst with Nomura Securities has analyzed these

Bill Gates To Retire Completely Within An Year, Thinks Former Microsoft Engineer

First there were murmurings, and now there is speculation. Reports that came out earlier in the year suggested that some Microsoft shareholders want Bill Gates out of the company. So much so that they were pressurizing the

Report Claims Ford Board Is Pressing Alan Mulally For His Final Decision On Microsoft

I guess it can be said with reasonable assurance that Ford’s board has been more active in the media than the man Microsoft is seeking to replace Steve Ballmer as its next CEO. Alan Mulally, the current

Alan Mulally Is No Longer In Pole Position For Microsoft CEO Role

All it takes are some comments to change the situation upside down. Ever since the search for the new Microsoft CEO began, one name has been at, or near the very top of the list. It does

Analyst Believes He Knows The Name Of The Next Microsoft CEO

When it comes to technology analysts, Rick Sherlund is one of the more well-known variety. He is always in and around Microsoft deals, and regularly chips in with how he sees things are proceeding. And as far

Mulally Will Not Make The Microsoft Switch Until Late 2014, Says Ford Board Member

Of all the names associated with Microsoft’s CEO seat, one name stands above all. Ford CEO Alan Mulally has been at the very top of near the very top of the shortlist ever since reports began surfacing.

Mulally And Nadella Are Now The Leading Candidates For Microsoft CEO Seat

Microsoft’s quest to land a new CEO has taken another turn this time, with a new report claiming that the board has now decided on the two lead runners for the vacant position. Bloomberg is reporting that

Ford CEO Still Not Talking About The Possible Switch To Microsoft

Alan Mulally, CEO of carmaker Ford has rather firmly maintained that he is not leaving his current company until at least 2014, which on second thought is not all that far away. Still, even though he is

Week In Review (Nov 4 – Nov 8)

Another everyday week in the world of Windows, as Microsoft continues to take care of more pressing matters like streamlining retail availability of its newly launched products, and marketing them. The hunt for the next company CEO