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WZOR Announces Return, Windows Leaker To Become Active Again

Microsoft stirred up the leak scene recently when they managed to arrest Windows leaker Alex Kibkalo, with help from the FBI, of course. The former employee was sent to three months in prison. His arrest and subsequent

Microsoft Is Not All That Troubled By Windows Leaks

Alex Kibkalo is a name that will echo in eternity in the technology world. A former Redmond employee that spent 7 years at the technology firm, he was recently convicted for leaking Microsoft code. The man now

Windows Leaker Sentenced To Three Months In Prison

Crime never pays, never has, never will. Remember Alex Kibkalo, the Microsoft leaker that made headlines a few months back after he was arrested for posting Windows builds online? It seems that a US court has finally

Microsoft Found Out About The Windows 8 Content Leak By Going Through Emails

More news about the Windows 8 content leak is floating up. It is perhaps the most interesting story of the day, full of stimulating twists and fascinating turns. Or not. It appears that the French blogger that

Has Microsoft Started Cracking Down On Software Leaks?

Time for some news that should have no trouble finding a place on tabloid pages. The new management over at Redmond seems to be keen on taking care of leaks. Software leaks, that is. News came out

Former Microsoft Programmer Arrested For Leaking Windows 8 Code

Surprising as it may sound, but when it comes to software, and well computing in general, code security is the biggest factor of developers and companies. After all, source code is everything. And while large enterprises have