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The ASUS ET2321 All-In-One Almost Looks Like A Normal Monitor

All-In-One systems usually have certain things going for them. Clear definable features make them what they are, but every once in a while a company creates a model that can be mistaken for a PC monitor. ASUS

Lenovo Outs A530, A Stylish All-In-One With Highly Adjustable Screen

While the name may sound more like a really large airplane, the Lenovo A530 is one of the most remarkably stylish All-In-One computers to come out in a really long time. The Chinese company has focused on

VIZIO Also Introduces Three All-In-One Computers

Acer Aspire 5600U and 7600U all-in-ones announced

I previously said that the PC desktop world is going to start shifting away from towers in favor of touch-based all-in-ones. With that in mind, we have another announcement for all-in-ones, this time for Acer. Before jumping

Vizio is Serious About Pushing Into the PC World, Releases Several Windows 8 Devices

Previously known more for its TV and monitor line, Vizio seems to be pushing hard into the PC world. Whether or not there is room for Vizio or not remains unseen. That being said, they certainly have

Dell release details of new Windows 8 Tablet, Ultrabook and All In One

Dell recently gave a sneak peek into their new line of tablets, ultrabooks and all in ones. First up is the Dell Latitude 10 tablet. The tablet sports encryption, media policy tools, an easily swappable battery, a fingerprint scanner

Lenovo introduce the IdeaCentre A520 All In One

Lenovo is revealing yet another multi-touch all in one unit. This one is called the IdeaCentre A520. This 23-inch IPS display is 0.8 inches thick, offers a 1920 x 1080 resolution and supports ten-finger multitouch running Windows 8.

Dell adds a touchscreen to support Windows 8 on it’s XPS One 27 All In One

At IFA in Berlin, Dell has announced the addition of a 10-point touchscreen to its XPS One 27 all-in-one desktop computer. This augments the unit’s existing 27-inch quad-HD display. The new version will have a reclining stand

Samsung to unveil the All-in-One Windows 8 PC!!

Samsung was the very first hardware vendor who made a tablet for Windows 8. If you followed the Build conference you  must remember  the Samsung slate which was distributed by Microsoft at the Build conference which had