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Are Intel storm clouds threatening the Windows 8 hardware launch?

It seems Intel’s dark clouds may be hovering over the Windows 8 launch. According to Bloomberg: Microsoft hasn’t yet approved any tablets featuring an Intel…


Intel attempt to kiss and make up with Microsoft

Intel felt the need to respond to the scandal and drama of their CEO saying that Windows 8 wasn’t ready. They released the following


Facebook and Skype team up to offer new Facebook Calling

The war for desktop video has begun and Microsoft/Facebook have struck the first blow. Facebook this Wednesday said it’s bringing Skype video calling to the social…


Microsoft and Nokia seal the Windows Phone deal

Nokia and Microsoft announced on Thursday the signing of the definitive agreement that defines their strategic partnership. The partnership, will see Nokia manufacturing smartphones based on…


What will happen with the Microsoft Nokia Windows 8 Tablet alliance?

So my question today is, what’s up with the Microsoft Nokia alliance?. I have been skeptical since I heard about their Windows Phone 7 collaboration. From


My Fantasy – A new consumer cloud Operating System from Apple and Dell Part 3 – Cloud Infrastructure

This is the third in a series of posts about one of my (geeky) fantasies about the search for the perfect cloud Operating system. This is…


My Fantasy – A new consumer cloud Operating System from Apple and Dell – Part 1

So anyone who reads this blog knows that I am not really the kind to back down from taking a risk so here I go… Over…