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Amazon Alexa Lands On The Microsoft Store

You may recall that companies like Acer, ASUS, HP and Lenovo all announced at CES earlier this year that they would be bringing Amazon Alexa support to their PCs very soon. In fact, buzz among the bees

Alexa Gets Skype

Who’d have thought Microsoft and Amazon would become two new best friends. But that is just what has happened, as both companies have collaborated to officially bring Skype to Alexa devices. This integration allows for not just

Halo 5 Coming To A PC Near You

Maybe. Probably. Looks like Microsoft may finally be bringing Halo 5: Guardians to PC, after skipping the two previous mainline games in the series, which are still exclusive to the Xbox consoles. Of course, Redmond has shown

Alexa App For Windows 10 Incoming?

Catfight? Two of the leading digital voice assistants on the planet could be dueling it out at a single playground. That is because Alexa is all set to make an appearance on Windows 10. Home turf of

Wileyfox Pro Windows 10 Mobile Handset To Be Here Next Month

December 4, to be precise. It’s refreshing hearing about the launch of a new Windows 10 Mobile handset, and Wileyfox Pro is now firmly and squarely in the picture. We have known for some time now that

Google Considers Amazon As Their Search Rival, Not Microsoft

Oh, come on, Mr. Schmidt! The current chairman of Google wrote a very lengthy blog post recently, where, among other things, he revealed that Amazon is their biggest search competitor. Not Bing or Yahoo, or even (potentially)

Amazon Acquires Twitch For $970 Million, Saga Ends

In news about (almost) billion dollar buyouts today we have the confirmation that Amazon acquires Twitch, the video game streaming community for $970 million. The saga now ends with both companies having officially sealed the deal.

OneDrive For Amazon Fire Phone Now Available

Nice to see some hustle. Skype and OneDrive are two Microsoft solutions that get actively updated when it comes to new features and applications. And for good reason too. This, in many ways is a differentiating factor

Microsoft Releases OneNote For Kindle Fire Tablets

OneNote has been made available for a wide range of platforms, from Windows to Mac, iOS to Android, Windows Phone, even Chrome OS. But one name missing from the list is Kindle. Microsoft missed a beat in

Are rivals banned from attending future Microsoft conferences?

Sure seems like so. When it comes to press events and conferences, Redmond is putting up some really good shows lately. Whether it is attributable to the change in management, or the quality or products, is up