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Windows Vista Is The Reason Why Windows XP User Base Is So Large, Says Expert

If there is one Microsoft operating system that has been in the news for more reasons wrong than right, it is Windows Vista. From the ambitious development to the calamitous launch, it was sheer tragedy. Windows XP

How come Google isn’t taking Chrome OS more seriously? The time is now to compete with Microsoft!

The most strategic tech error of the 21st Century surely has to be the way that Google has mishandled their Operating System – Chrome OS. OK maybe that’s hyperbole but based on the fact that Microsoft stumbled

PC Buyers Are Waiting For Windows 8.1, Says Analyst

In news that will surprise almost nobody we have an analysis that suggest that PC buyers will slow the purchasing of new devices, and will instead wait for the release of the upcoming Windows 8.1. This is

Mobile PC Market Is Set To Grow To 762.7 Million Units By 2017

The mobility factor is turning out to be quite a dominant force in the field of personal computing, but what’s even more amazing is that the industry is at a stage where things are only heating up.

IDC: Windows Is Not Exactly Microsoft’s Real Problem

It has been a crisp six months (plus a few days) since the latest version of the Windows operating system hit store shelves. Since then, the platform has steadily, if slowly, increased its market share. But the

Analyst: Windows 8 And Windows RT Are Cancelling Each Other’s Appeal

Windows RT is one of the most enigmatic operating systems Microsoft put out. To find something similar, you would have to tread back into time, to the very early beginnings of the software giant. The standard Windows

Acer Vice President Weighs In On Windows 8

With Windows 8 approaching its first quarter on store shelves, several high-profile company executives involved in the hardware industry are discussing its sales performances. The associate vice president of Acer’s business unit, Jerry Kao, in an interview

Report: Nokia Dominates Windows Phone 8 Devices Globally

The latest report from AdDuplex shows the Nokia Lumia dominating the market for Windows Phone 8 smartphones globally. AdDuplex is a cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 and collected data using 215 Windows Phone apps

Analyst: Price And Negative Buzz Hurt Surface Sales

It is a bit of a tussle to label how the Surface RT performed. As the first ever tablet from Microsoft, it was no way near a runaway success as the company would have hoped for. But

Analyst: Surface Price Needs To Drop By At least $200

Microsoft Surface is yet to get any official sales numbers. Unofficial is another story altogether — with plenty of news, views, estimates, and predictions surfacing (sorry, can’t help it) almost daily. The broad consensus is that while