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Analyst: Windows 8.1 Will Not Be A Miracle Cure

With the nearing release of the preview version of Windows 8.1 next week, and the full version soon to follow in a few months, analysts have started weighing in with their predictions. All eyes are now on

IDC: It is Still Too Early To Judge The Windows RT Platform

The latest market estimates released by IDC (for the first quarter of the year) revealed that Microsoft sold around 900,000 Surface tablets. Most of them are said to be the Surface Pro units. This has led to

Analyst: Microsoft’s Windows 8 Strategy Was A Disaster

Redmond yesterday announced its earnings for the first quarter of the year in a conference call. But interestingly, the software giant again stopped shy of providing any concrete Windows 8 sales numbers. While Windows 8 is slowly

Stop Criticizing Steve Ballmer, Says Analyst

Finally someone alternative views on Steve Ballmer. Microsoft’s CEO has taken some tough decisions in the past few years, all of which led to him becoming one of the most criticized executives around. The slow uptake of

Another Analyst Confirms Slow Windows 8 Sales To The Wall Street Journal

If there is one thing that should be next on Microsoft’s agenda, it is to step in front of the world and use the media to throw in some accurate sales figures of its latest operating system.

Analyst: Windows Blue Gives Microsoft Another Chance At Reigniting PC Sales

Second chances are quite rare in this fast paced world. But a technology titan like Microsoft can lay claim to one, right after the launch of its radically innovative operating system, Windows 8. Figures released by IDC

Analyst: Profit Sharing Should Be Microsoft’s Strategy For The Short Term

The little lull of the past few months gave way to another storm, as Microsoft has once again come under fire once again by analysts and market researchers regarding its newest operating system. Ever since IDC revealed

Analyst Says Microsoft Should Rethink Its Windows 8 Strategy

The unfavorable verdict of PC sales and shipments for the first quarter of the year has sprung analysts and market watchers in action, at least as far as both Microsoft and Windows 8 are concerned. This much

Analyst Believes Users Could Stick With Windows XP After Retirement

While nine out of ten people (okay, I just made this figure up) would say that staying on an abandoned operating system, like Windows XP, is flirting with danger, there are some who suggest otherwise. An analyst

Gartner Believes Microsoft Could Be Irrelevant By 2017

The thing about dominance is that just like it begins it can so easily end. Intensely competitive products from Apple and Google are landing severe blows, leading some to believe Microsoft’s best days are behind it. Gartner