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Even An Apple Executive Knew How To Save Windows Phone

As did a million other souls, perhaps. Because there was a time when the Windows Phone platform was well and truly in the ascendency, at least in Europe. All that was needed was a sustained push. A

Windows Phone Market Share Dipped To Just 2.8% In 2014

Took a little while for the final mobile sale statistics to come out, but according to Gartner, the Windows Phone market share dropped to an overall 2.8% last year. Things sure seem to have taken a turn

Start Planning Your Windows 7 Upgrades, Says Security Expert

The mainstream support for Windows 7, the most popular operating system on the desktop, ended this week. Which means the platform will not be getting any new features. Free support for the operating system is also not

Surface Pro 3 Is A Raging Success, Claims Analyst

Microsoft’s newest tablet (which is actually not that new) the Surface Pro 3 took people by surprise when it launched earlier this year, but we’ve not actually had some sales estimates to go by. At least, until

Analyst: Microsoft Should Split Into Three Different Companies

Splitting up seems to be all the rage at the moment. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off a companywide reorganization plan last year and asked for a new approach. A new approach that puts the focus

China’s Investigation On Microsoft Too Late, Analysts Believe

The government of China started investigating Microsoft for antitrust violations a few weeks back, but there are people that believe that the inspection comes too late. Too late for it to be productive, too late for it

Ballmer Era At Microsoft Has Come To An End, Analyst Pleased

Which is saying something, because the former CEO had been at the company for some 34 odd years. Regardless, the Ballmer Era is now behind us, surely. Unless, of course, good old Ballmer pushes for a seat

Nadella Is Cleaning Up Ballmer’s Mess, Says Analyst

It was about time someone shot it straight. While Steve Ballmer’s reign had its fair share of ups, the way the former Microsoft CEO conducted business during his final few years, left a lot to be desired.

Analyst Foresees More Job Cuts At Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella surprised the world with a massive 18,000 job cut earlier this month, but it appears that this was just the start. The company might announce more layoffs soon. That is, if we go

Bing Global Market Share Expected To Climb To 4% By 2020

Bing is, and has been for quite some time, the only viable challenger to Google Search. But even though some notable progress has been made by Microsoft in the US market, the global share still leaves a