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Care For A Windows 95 Powered Smartwatch?

There’s a thing called going retro. Pretty sure this is not it. An Android Wear user has successfully deployed Windows 95 on his device, and it looks rather nifty. Though not very practical in terms of functionality.

Microsoft OneNote Now Available On Smartwatches

If you need more proof just how important OneNote is for Microsoft, then look no further. The company has launched the productivity app on an entirely new form factor. Which is to say, the application is now

Nokia Also Planning To Enter The Wearables Market Later This Year

According to an unofficial tweet, that is. But it is hard to see the company not to. The mobile revolution might have taken many by surprise, but this time all parties are going in locked and loaded.

Google Unveils Android Wear, A Special OS For Smartwatches

The age of wearable computing starts now. While smartwatches from various vendors have been available for a couple of years now, we finally have a big entrant in the field. And no, Samsung does not count —