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Samsung Is Dreaming About The Surface Phone

Microsoft doesn’t seem too keen on bringing its foldable device to the market in a hurry, but that does not mean that others feel the…

Surface Andromeda

This Is How Microsoft Envisions Its Pocketable Device

Fans can start dreaming about Andromeda again! A recently discovered patent has been making the rounds, revealing the pocketable device that Microsoft seems to be…

Panos Panay

No Chance Microsoft Will Kill Off The Surface Brand

At least, according to head honcho Panos Panay! Microsoft Surface is a brand that keeps growing with every new model, every new release that comes…

Intel Copper Harbor

Microsoft Developing Centaurus, Another Dual Screen Device

For some reason. Microsoft, it appears, has found joy in developing dual screen devices. The Seattle based company is working on Centaurus, reportedly a codename…

Surface Andromeda Gaming

Surface Andromeda Has A Creative Way To Adjust Volume

Or it may, if the device ever sees daylight. With each passing day, it is becoming clear that the Surface Andromeda may well be one…


Surface Andromeda May Feature Windows Phone Dock Mode

Surface Andromeda may still be a device that has an uncertain future according to latest rumors, but that does not mean Microsoft is not working…

Surface Andromeda

There Is Hope Yet For Surface Andromeda

Panos Panay, the Surface chief comes bearing it. Surface Andromeda may yet see the light of day, if we go by the words of the…


Windows 10 Now Has A Phone App

Hello, hello? Can you hear me? Surface Andromeda may have been delayed, but new developments show that Microsoft is still very active on the software…

Surface Andromeda Modes

Surface Andromeda Has A Dedicated Productivity Mode?

Well, shiver me timbers and blow me down! This thing keeps getting better and better. There is an appropriate amount of hype for Surface Andromeda,…

Andromeda Apps

Microsoft Plans New Strategy For Andromeda Apps

In another classic case of chicken before the eggs, Microsoft is said to be looking into new ways to tackle the app problem for the…